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Shalom Home Bench Scraper

Shalom Home Bench Scraper

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These bench scrapers are handmade start to finish by Brittany's husband, Meguell of Simply Suell Homes. 

We use our bench scraper for so many thing when making bread: cutting the dough in half, moving the dough around your counter, putting your sour dough in proofing baskets, and even cleaning the counter top (because let's be honest, cleaning up sour dough is a task in itself). 

A bench scraper is a must-have for anyone making sour dough! 

 Care Instructions:

  • Don't put in dishwasher or soak in water.
  • When you finish using, just rub the blade clean (it can rust if left wet)
  • You can oil wood with olive oil if it begins to feel dry. 
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Hey Y'all!

We are Cassey & Brittany, two sisters working to reinvent our homes with peaceful rhythms in the way we parent, create, and host. We would love for you to join us on this journey, and make your home a Shalom Home as well.

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