About This Shalom Home

Hey! We are Cassey & Brittany! Sisters, who currently live 6+ hours away from one another in Texas, with a desire to live close to one another as soon as possible! We are passionate about creating slow rhythms for our family's so that we can enjoy life while raising our children, and not feel the rush of the world that we live in. We homeschool our kids, and do as many things like our great-grandma did as possible! We bake bread, cook from scratch, and are passionate about creating generational wealth with our families! We are so excited you are here! 


Cassey lives in the city, homeschooling her 4 kids, working from her home, and her husband is about to finish his 20th year in the military! We like to say she "homesteads" in the city. She raises chickens, cans many foods (that she buys in bulk from a produce place), cooks from scratch and raises her kids. 


Brittany lives in the country on a 7 acre homestead, family land that was passed down multiple generations. She homeschools her 3 kids, and works from home with her husband. She grows her own garden, has cows, and chickens, and loves doing as many things DIY as possible.