My Son, Born at 29wks 4 days

My Son, Born at 29wks 4 days

Yep, I was supposed to be pregnant for another 10 weeks, and here I am, no baby in my belly, but thanking the Lord my baby is alive, on this earth, and growing! 

We are excited to introduce to the world our 5th child....


Maverick means a man who does not conform, who goes against norms. Blaze, meaning setting his own path, a trailblazer. 
All of which we are claiming and declaring over him. He blazed into this world in a way that was unexpected, and now being a tiny baby in the NICU, we pray he will blaze through all of the growth expected of him from the NICU to come home as well. We are thankful for the Dr.'s and nurses, but pray what they consider "normal" for a NICU baby will not be for our Maverick, "a man who doesn't conform." But he will go against norms and do amazing. 


So here's his sweet miracle of a birth story I wanted to share with you all: 

 Monday morning started off like any other. Coffee with my husband, and then harvesting in my garden. We didn't know we would have a baby that day.

One day I’ll set him in my basket and compare the harvest of July 24, 2023 from the morning in the garden, to the afternoon miracle in the hospital. 

Btw there’s no comparison! :-)

The Lord is so kind to have given us this sweet little boy and such a miracle.

I was in the garden like a normal morning. Ezekiel met me there when he woke up, we shared a watermelon that had split open. I harvested some things, it was a cool 73 degrees. I was gathering flowers for a bouquet, and other produce to be delivered to the REKO Ring Farmer's Market that evening.

I had begun to notice some contractions, or what I thought was them.

You see, 5 babies, and I never recall having Braxton Hicks.
When I started feeling contractions it was usually hours before the baby would arrive and I was in full fledge labor. Never a bunch of contractions weeks before, etc. 

So this morning I began feeling contractions, or what I thought was them. I noticed them in the garden. They were not painful, but enough to make me stop every once in a while and breathe.

They continued in the house as I was making granola with Zekey and finishing some loaves of sour dough bread I needed to deliver that evening.
I felt pretty out of energy and like I needed to pause every once in a while, but it was only 10AM.

I mentioned to Meguell I was pretty sure I was having contractions and would tell them tomorrow at my appointment (Tuesday). But they’re just Braxton Hicks, so nothing to call about, or worry about.

It was when I went to the bathroom, and by the grace of God noticed the lightest pink that I got worried.
I went and told Meguell I was going to call the Dr. because of it and see if I could come in that day to get checked out.
He quickly affirmed my feelings and said YES CALL.

I left a message and he was headed to town for lunch with a friend.
When he left I decided I would lay down and be still to try and feel the baby move. Just to get some reassurance.
I realized I had been busy and hadn’t noticed him moving that morning.
I laid for a quick couple of minutes and just got so nervous I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I called Meguell and told him I wanted to go in.
He immediately turned around and was back home in minutes.
We loaded the kids, and thankfully church friends/staff asked if they could watch the kids.

So we began driving and I called the Dr again.
I was doing my best to stay calm, but I realized quickly by how fast Meguell was going that we were in emergency mode.
I got in touch with the office and found out my Dr was out of office, so I needed to go to the ER.

At that point both of our fear and emergency feelings heightened. He was driving incredibly fast, and I was emotional.
We hadn’t stepped into that ER since we arrived with Zion just over 2 years ago. July 2021 when we went in to give birth and found out our baby had died.

We dropped the kids and Meguell proceeded to speed going up to 110mph to get us to the hospital.
Thankfully he did because the time was precious.

We called ahead and they seemed like we would still have to go through a lengthy registration when we got there. But surprisingly and thank the Lord, the prenatal ER came and got us minutes after we arrived.

We got to the room and within minutes we were hooked to a monitor and heard a healthy heart beat. Meguell sighed a loud sigh of relief over and over, and I cried.

Minutes later the Dr on call arrived, and his words were “You can get that worried look off your face, we’ve got a healthy heartbeat.”

I cried more from relief.

Only moments later I had a contraction and it caught the Dr.’s attention and he realized the baby’s heartbeat was up and then really low. In distress.

2mins after the comment of a healthy heartbeat he says, we may have to get this baby out today.
5mins and he told the nurses to call the OR to be prepped, the baby couldn’t stay like this long, it was too dangerous.

I looked at Meguell and we nervously said I guess we are having a baby today.

We went from a giant relief to shock in a matter of moments. But at the same time, we were thankful to know we could get the baby out and know he was okay versus hoping he was okay in me.

Meguell had just texted family the relief that baby was okay, and didn’t need to come. Now he was left sending me to the OR, alone, and him in a waiting room alone.
It all felt too familiar.

Same OR, same waiting room, same emergency c-section as we had experienced with Zion. 
The difference, we went into the OR knowing our baby had a heartbeat (thank you Lord), and it not being a dire situation for me.
However, that didn't minimize our fear.
Meguell left alone in a waiting room not knowing if me or the baby was okay.
And me, being rushed to an OR, alone, praying for both of our lives to be saved.

The nurses informed Meguell because it was an emergency and I would be put under that he couldn’t come in for the c-section. He understood.

I looked at the clock 12:25PM, and asked how long it would take. They said this would be very quick, and to expect a lot of action and commotion when we got to the OR.

I kissed Meguell and we went our separate ways.

I prayed, and my prayer, was of course let my baby live. But I was most afraid that I wouldn’t wake up. I begged the Lord to let me live. Let us both live.

I had a moment in the OR before I was under where I got very emotional.
I felt that if I didn’t breathe and calm down I was going to panic, and it was the last thing I wanted to do before going under. I was already uncomfortable having cried so hard, I couldn't breathe through my nose, and now an oxygen mask over me.

Lot's of things were happening, and I realized they were moving fast. I heard the Dr. there. Felt him putting things on my belly.

At one time when I was really crying a nurse said, "You're doing so good Brittany." And man, her saying my name. Made me cry more, but also made me feel so safe. I wondered if she knew me, or if she was just being kind.

Then they told me I would feel some burning in my IV. I felt it, and then I guess I was out.

Soon I was asleep.
And woke up dreaming I was in my garden.
Only to realize what I was waking to was mu reality and not the dream.

I immediately remember asking if he was alive? Is he okay? Is he going to make it?

Meguell was there, and they all reassured me he was alive and doing well, and Meguell had already seen him. And that I could see him in 7-8 hours when it was safe for me to get up and move around.

With Zion, I had a full placenta abruption.

I did so many blood tests after, and everything in me was great.

Multiple Dr.s said an abruption was a chance thing, and usually doesn’t happen twice. And there’s no way to detect it.

Y’all, I had a second abruption.
The willingness for my husband to go!
The discernment that we needed to be checked because everything wasn’t normal.
All of the speeding.
Not going to the Dr but straight to the ER instead.
The quickness of the prenatal ER.
The quickness of the random ER Dr to get me to surgery.
The quickness of the OR staff.
All of it saved my baby.

The placenta hadn’t fully detached, which meant he was still breathing.
And it hadn’t been long enough to do any damage.
He’s here 10 weeks early!
A fighter!
Healthy, growing, and adapting to life on earth.

I’m so thankful for this miracle of God.

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